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Mickey K

DNR , founded by Mickey K, is a collaborative creation of music minds dedicated in turning their own original, unique and soulful ideas into work of art. This indie label tends to reach the public by creating a somewhat different sound, leaning away from the monotonic elements by adding flavor and color to the final product. Built upon music experience the label offers consistent quality. Its structure is based on what is true in the world of art…Passion. Thru this passion, Producers/Djs, of whom this label consists of, being in the industry for a decade and going thru the hardship and reality of life by always being true to music, have found a steady inspiration to artistically create. Our dedication to make things right is our fuel to make things happen. Deep House is what resides in our roots but we might deviate from time to time, traveling thru the evolution of music and the varieties it has to offer, digging thru the archives stamped in our heads, and developing that into a house track that we all could love.


Artan Telqiu

Being a Dj for over a decade I have become to create my own world of house. I have my continents to which I travel with my different sets of House and I have my experience to help that travel run smoothly without no turbulence, so my guess is if you come to see me perform live you most likely will enjoy your night out...;o). I am more into deep house but my passion is more general than that, therefore in my sets I cover most of the parts from the House Music including those of Vocal, Soulful, Tribal, Jackin', Tech, and Latin House. Lately I'm more and more into Jackin' House, there is something about the grooves and the moves that they generate that keeps me going and going through the night...
I have turned into music production since 2007 and have been part of Deep Nota Records for three years now! Being a producer and a part of the label have brought a new vision to me about the music and the feel of it. I am able to see from a different angle how the song came to it's final stage and this ads a birds eye view to my mixing since I am able to take the song apart and have the knowledge when and how to put it together again with the next track on the set...
I hope you will enjoy my mixes and please feel free to contact me, add me as a friend, comment or vote on my podcast. Thank you for visiting...ONE LOVE!!!

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Jeff aka Moveks

Hailing from Croatia he has been on the scene since 1997. Jeff was the creator of “Move Experience” a project which was presented in the Dubrovnik club-scene from the very beginning. He also was director & music editor for eight years in radio show called “Ura House-a” on the Croatian national network HRT. In that time he was cooperating and performing sets with the biggest Croatian and international Djs like: Marshall Jefferson, Terry Francis, Tyler Stadius, Pure Science, Get Fucked, Fred Nansen, Silicone Soul, Ian Pooley, Asad Rizvi, Hipp-e, just to mention a few. We can safely say that Jeff has given Croatia more to offer than just its natural beauty… Since 2006. working on production





Tonbe (real name is Milos Djordjevic) was born (24.05.1986) in Smederevo,country Serbia.From an early age he showed interest in music.Listened to the father's vinyls from the 70's and 80's (artists such as: Deep Purple,Pink Floyd,David Bowie,Duran Duran,Abba,Bee Gees,Earth Wind and Fire...) he showed in which direction will move.As he grew into a teenager he began listening to more and more electronic music.All credits go to his older brother.He had the greatest influence on him to go to listen to house and techno music.When he was 17 years old,he bought the first vinyl and soon after that first turntables.Soon after that first parties started.As he was DJ more and more it was a natural thing to him to start producing music.First releases with his name began to come in 2009.Music that he spins and produced based on the deep house, tech house, minimal and techno.